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Easy to use fully customizable Woocomerce E-Shop website to sell and manage your products.
Training and video guides included!

Competitor Price Monitoring

Powerful price comparison tool that allows clients to compare their prices with the competition, reprice their products, and get notified when competitors are running promos.

Data Collection & Indexing

We provide crawling and scraping services to clients along with our fully customizable indexing platform.

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We are excited to announce that our company has been awarded a Certificate of an Innovative Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise by the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy.

This certificate is awarded to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) that bring new skills to the Cypriot market and show promising growth potential.

The recognition of our hard work humbles and drives us to push further beyond any standards or limits. We aim to continue to innovate and help with advancing the technology industry on our island of Cyprus. Having graduated from the IDEA incubator-accelerator and onboarding multiple investors, we feel like we’re on the right path to growth as an enterprise.
Our main projects so far, Estate Searcher and Datasearch, display a taste of our technical capabilities, hard work and potential. The limited volume of companies like our own that specialise in data aggregationcrawling and scraping puts us in a position to fill a gap in the market. This gap permits us to provide a new and needed service to other firms in various different markets.
As a new and eager startup company, our journey is only at its start.

Soft Surge was part of the 2020 class of startups hosted by IDEA Innovation Center.

IDEA is the only non-profit, inclusive innovation centre in Cyprus. They perform a cluster of projects and develop Cyprus’ youth’s entrepreneurial skills & mindsets.

They host start-up companies, giving the highest degree of training and aid. IDEA turns start-ups’ new ideas into viable businesses with a global scope. In four years, they have hosted 48+ start-ups with over 130 entrepreneurs.

Within the support offered, they emphasise the significant success factor for startups is themselves; Their passion, drive, sense of need, hard work, commitment, willingness to give and take their goals, and perseverance.

IDEA is the 2018 National Winner under the “Promoting the Entrepreneurial Spirit” category at the “European Enterprise Promotion Award” by the European Commission. This award comes from recognising their hard work in the past four years. It encourages them to keep expanding the entrepreneurial ecosystem on the island. In due time, elevating Cyprus on the global map of innovation.


The Founders and the Soft Surge Board of Directors are fully supported and mentored by the Company’s early Investors. The Investors are highly regarded successful professionals with strong academic backgrounds and qualifications and a wealth of international experience acquired by global organizations and financial institutions at senior and executive management/board levels. They have accumulated over 100 years of experience in financial markets, financial engineering, portfolio management, fintech and startups, entrepreneurship, founding and leading successful businesses, and simultaneously demonstrating strong governance and risk management.

Additionally, the company has received investment from international companies with a worldwide business scope.

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